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United States of America v. Advian Lamo
Complaint: Violations of 18 U.S.C

Interviewing With An Intelligence Agency
A first-person narrative of an applicant interviewing and going through the clearance process with the National Security Agency.

Hacking Coke Machines
Coke vending machines are everywhere. They’re getting more and more like regular computers with LEDs that show little “ICE COLD” messages and whatnot. Well, there’s a lot more to those little builtin computers than you may think. Included in the low-level operating system that these babies run on is an actual debug menu that gives you access to all sorts of machine information and possibly gives you free cokes in older machines.

How to find hidden cameras
While it was easy to spot cameras twenty years ago due to their large size, this has become increasingly difficult during the last decade. Cameras have become much smaller and consume a fraction of the power they did ten years ago. Due to this, covert installation in nearly any imaginable place is possible. This paper will show methods frequently used for hiding cameras as well as methods to detect and locate covertly installed cameras.

Passive Information Gathering – The Analysis of Leaked Network Security Information
Most organisations are familiar with Penetration Testing (often abbreviated to, “pentesting”) and other ethical hacking techniques as a means to understanding the current security status of their information system assets. Consequently, much of the focus of research, discussion, and practice, has traditionally been placed upon active probing and exploitation of security vulnerabilities. Since this type of active probing involves interacting with the target, it is often easily identifiable with the analysis of firewall and intrusion detection/prevention device (IDS or IPS) log files.

How to 0wn the Internet in Your Spare Time
The ability of attackers to rapidly gain control of vast numbers of Internet hosts poses an immense risk to the overall security of the Internet. Once subverted, these hosts can not only be used to launch massive denial of service floods, but also to steal or corrupt great quantities of sensitive information, and confuse and disrupt use of the network in more subtle ways.