Hackers Take Back the Web

Description: Motherboard’s documentary on Occupy Wall Street, hacktivism, and the hackers trying to build a distributed network for the Occupy movement and beyond.

BBC – WikiLeaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower

Description: Richard Bilton uncovers a struggle at the heart of US diplomacy between the ideals of freedom and spreading democracy, and the ruthless demands of American security and narrow self-interest. He examines what the WikiLeaks cables reveal about America’s conflicted dealings with Egypt’s deposed dictator Hosni Mubarak, and shows how US diplomats in Cairo missed warning signs that revolution in Egypt was coming. And he details the moral tension in US diplomacy brought about by America’s controversial War on Terror. Using the cables, Richard uncovers the moral compromises made by America’s diplomats over the repatriation of Guantanamo Bay prisoners, and he shows the secret US efforts to block investigations into alleged CIA rendition and abuse.

Attack of Cyber Pirates

Description: In bedrooms all over the world, music and film fans are downloading billions of tracks and movies – for free. It’s reached the point where the film and music industries are expressing fear for their very existence. Since the birth of the internet, the giants of the entertainment industry have been unable to get their act together to sell their wares successfully on the web. Instead they’ve been outmanoeuvred by pirate networks which give away the product for nothing.

Hackers Wanted

Description: This film explores the origins and nature of hackers and hacking by following the adventures of Adrian Lamo, and contrasting his story with that of controversial figures throughout history.

National Geographic – Inside Google

Description: Filmed in China, Russia and at the Googleplex, Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters, this documentary reveals the corporation’s philosophy.

In the Realm of the Hackers

Description: In 1989, two Melbourne teenage hackers known as Electron and Phoenix stole a restricted computer security list and used it to break into some of the world’s most classified and supposedly secure computer systems. So fast and widespread was the attack, no-one could work out how it had happened – until one of the hackers called The New York Times to brag.
Ten years after their arrest, this dramatised documentary uncovers not only how they did it but why. It takes us headlong into the clandestine, risky but intoxicating world of the computer underground.

101 East : China’s cyber warriors

Description: Recently Google, the world’s largest internet company, closed down its search engine facility in China after issues with censorship and hacking. The case has highlighted a growing cyber warfare between the West and China. 101 East looks at the role of the internet in China and the rising tide of cyber warfare with the West.

True Life “I’m a Hacker” Part 1

Description: A number of teen hackers (Mantis, Shamrock, and Uglypig) were featured discussing their exploits. After this episode aired in 1999, one of the filmed hackers (Shamrock) revealed that he intentionally misrepresented his exploits in order to hoax MTV.

True Life “I’m a Hacker” Part 2

Description: A number of teen hackers (Mantis, Shamrock, and Uglypig) were featured discussing their exploits. After this episode aired in 1999, one of the filmed hackers (Shamrock) revealed that he intentionally misrepresented his exploits in order to hoax MTV.


Description: Antitrust portrays young idealistic programmers and a large corporation (NURV) that offers significant money, a low-keyed working environment, and creative opportunities for those talented programmers willing to work for them. The charismatic CEO of NURV (Robbins) seems to be good natured, but recent employee and protagonist Milo Hoffman (Phillippe) begins to unravel the terrible hidden truth of NURV’s operation.

Alan Turing Film Teaser

Description: This trailer tells story of one of the most important scientists who ever lived. Alan Turing set in motion the computer age and his World War II codebreaking helped save two million lives. Instead of accolades and praise, Turing faced public disgrace because he was gay.

Code Breakers

Description: Every day you use codes. Sometimes without knowing it. Some want to make codes that can not be cracked. And some are just trying to crack them.

The Secret History Of Hacking

Description: The secret History of Hacking is a public domain documentary about the pioneers of the hacking craze.

Hackers Outlaws And Angels

Description: This alarming program reveals the daily battle between the internet’s outlaws and the hackers who oppose them — by warding off system attacks, and by training IT professionals and police officers.

New York City Hackers

Description: This documentary looks at the computer hacker community in New York City of today, its meetings and conferences, political annotations, and historically explores the roots of the original definition ‘hacking’ amongst the model train enthusiasts at MIT. Featuring: Kevin Mitnick, Eugene E.Kashpureff, Mike Hudack, Cheshire Catalyst, and “Off the Hook” radio host and 2600 editor Emmanuel Goldstein.

Hackers English Documentary

Description: A look inside the complicated world of Hackers and Crackers. One on one interviews with Hackers speaking in their own words.

Did You Know 3.0

Description:┬áDid You Know? was originally a PowerPoint presentation for a High School in Colorado. The presentation “went viral” on the Web and has been seen by at least 20 million people.

I am Bradley Manning

Description: Bradley Manning is the accused Wikileaks source who allegedly provided the truth about the human cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and exposed government corruption around the world.

The Singularity – Ray Kurzweil

Description: Renowned author, scientist, inventor, and futurist Ray Kurzweil makes incredible predictions about the future of technology and the mind-blowing impact it will have on humanity. Made from a collections of clips and sound bites from documentaries, interviews, and lectures.

Creation of the Computer

Description: A documentary looking at the history of the computer. Where they came from in history and how they work. Even though it’s a dated film the basic educational information is still great and relevant today.

Big Dog – Overview

Description: BigDog climbs in the woods, keeps its balance when kicked and when slipping on ice, travels through snow and mud, jogs 5 mph, and climbs some rubble.